Care for Children (paediatric)

This course teaches participants how to provide emergency care for children (1 year plus) and infants (under 1 year). The course covers primary care (CPR) and secondary care (First Aid).

Participants learn about types of medical emergencies children face and how they differ from adults. The importance of attending to basic emergency situations, the emotional aspects of caring for children and preventing commom injuries and illnesses.

The content of the course trains the lay rescurer the same priorities of care used by medical professionals. The priorities and procedures of patient care for infants and children is taught in a non stressful way to enhance confidence and reduce performance anxiety when rendering aid in a real emergency.

The care for children course follows guidlines from the Pediatric Working Group of ILCOR.

Course content covers:

Primary care; scene and primary assessment, barrier use, CPR infant and child, serious bleeding management, shock management, spinal injury management, choking management child and infant, AED use child.

Secondary care; injury and illness assessment, bandaging.

If you are a professional child care worker and require a 12 hour certificate you can take this course with the addition of: Febrile Convulsions, Sickle Cell and Meningitis.

Cost is £150 per person including VAT for child care course

Cost is £180per person including Vat for 12 hour certificate

Refresher courses can also be taken, contact us.